Spring is Here (a week early)

Beautiful 70 degree weather, a stroll around the neighborhood, not a cloud in sight.  Aaaaaaaaah, Spring is here.  Out come those leaves snatching every bit of sun ray.  Storing up energy to fruit.  And when it does, this tree will be filled with purple jewels we call FIGS.  For those who don’t know, there are fig trees everywhere in New Orleans.  In grassy lots, neighbors’ backyards, spilling over fences.  I took this pic with my phone’s camera during a stroll around the block and could see every leaf vein exposed by the sun’s light.  It had to be captured, even with a crappy phone camera (you can’t really see the detail).  Can’t wait for fig season.

Side Note:  In the peak of last fig season, I was shopping at Whole Foods and figured I would check where they were getting their figs from.  Considering Whole Foods seems to put focus on carrying locally sourced foods, I figured they would mostly be from Louisiana… wrong.  California.  Hmmmmm???  Por Que?

Juba Kali


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