Music for Tomorrow

I was talking with Chris Nirschel from Food Network Star 7.

You know…. that show he and I were on.

He called about an event he’s doing in New York for Music for Tomorrow.  He’s doing a “New Orleans meets New York” dinner and wanted advice on true New Orleans dishes he could use and ideas on creative ways to fuse the two regional cuisines.

Naturally, GUMBO was on top of the list.

How could he throw a NYC vibe in gumbo?  The first thing that popped into my head was, Manhattan Clam Chowder (MCC) and its relation to the thicker, creamier New England Clam Chowder (NECC).  The main difference is MCC is tomato based as NECC is cream based.

What if he could make a tomato based GUMBO?  I thought.

A very ballsy move, especially when dealing with puritans and traditionalists but if executed well, is a really good idea.

Blasphemy? Yes, but a good idea nonetheless!

I’m putting a tomato based or Manhattan Gumbo in the queue of recipes to work on!

What seafoods are native/popular in the NYC area?

To roux or not to roux (Gumbo is a roux based stew)?

Juba Kali


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