Fudge Factory Comics

Twelve years ago, I was station manager at my college’s (Gustavus Adolphus) radio station KGSM.  I came across a pretty


album cover to a CD entitled


(The album cover folds open to a poster exposing more of the picture but this was the only picture I could find.)

We had tons of CDs pouring in the radio station every day,

so eye-catching album art usually meant the music was worth listening to but was most certainly not always the case.  In this case, the album “Soundtrack for Moments” (a compilation of music from bands in the Lawrence, KS indie scene),

the music was GREAT.

One of the songs that


out was “14k Soul” by a band called “The Ugly Boyfriend”.  I liked the song so much that I

called, eh hem… hunted

down Nick Gordon, the producer of “Soundtracks…” to find more music from them.  Nick told me that the band was defunct and the guy that did the cover art, also played in The Ugly Boyfriend… Travis M. Millard.

Well, I was smitten.

Travis had moved to NYC, stopped recording music under The Ugly Boyfriend and started


 After some correspondence with Travis, I sent him an advanced copy of what was

Radiohead’s newest album AMNESIAC

and he replied with a bunch of stuff from FUDGE (a zine, stickers, cards…) and a copy of a bunch of

unreleased songs from The Ugly Boyfriend and Chebella! (a band Travis and Mates of State’s, Kori was in).

The CD was AWESOME and I really liked the artwork coming out of Fudge Factory.

Fast forward about 12 years…

Travis moved out to Los Angeles, we’re no longer in correspondence, I still have and listen to his CD, and I still follow Fudge Factory Comics here and there.

Check out his stuff, it’s GOOD.


Juba Kali


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