[Kali Crafted] Ramen Noodles

Recipe adapted from Lucky Peach #1:

3 cups [400 grams]      All Purpose Flour

3 teaspoons                  Sodium Carbonate [Heat thinly spread baking soda @ 200˚ F for one hour]

1/2 cup [100 grams]    Warm Tap Water

1/2 cup [100 grams]    Cold Tap Water


1. Dissolve baked soda in warm tap water, then add soda mixture to cold water.

2. Place flour in a food processor or mixer and add soda mixture.

3. Mix until flour is crumbly and soda mixture is mixed well.  Then place dough on a clean work surface.

4. Knead dough for 5-8 min. Let rest at room temperature for 20 min, then knead for another 5-8 min.

5. Wrap ball of dough in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

6. Remove dough ball from refrigerator and cut in to quarters.

7. If you have a past machine, you know what to do.  If not, continue.

8. Roll out one quarter into a very thin sheet, then dust with flour and fold into a pile.

9. Cut into thin strips with a very sharp knife and place into LOTS of boiling water until done.

10. Drain noodles and place into a hot and flavorful liquid.

11. Get funky with what you put into your ramen broth; pork cracklings, vegetables, poached egg, bacon… play around and ENJOY

Juba Kali


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